Thursday, April 23, 2009


Yesterday I was disappointed when I heard the news that the government passed a law making it illegal to talk on a traditional cell phone while driving in Ontario. By the fall it will be punishable by a punitive $500 fine.

Today I was shocked to hear that the bill passed unanimously:
The Legislature unanimously passed the government's law against "distracted driving" yesterday but it will take several months before associated regulations are drawn up and a public education campaign launched, said Transportation Minister Jim Bradley.
Based on a lot of the comments I've read on a few news stories, there's a lot of support for the new law, so I guess I'd best stop complaining and just get ready. Still with the Conservative leadership race in full swing, I was kind of hoping that one of the candidates would take a stand against the latest incursion of government into our lives.


Anonymous said...

Well, unlike guns for example, there's lots of credible evidence that irresponsible use of cell phones by idiot drivers actually is harmful. And the people it harms are not just the drivers - but the people they get into accidents with.

So, there's no good way to defend cell phone use. I'd welcome a reasoned argument, though.

Anonymous said...

Never mind. Light up a smoke outside a hospital in Ontario and it's a $100,000 fine.

VW said...

Note that there's an exemption for emergency and police vehicles, who use radio communications in their cars.

And there's your reason for cell phone use: the need for a method of communication, even if it's while driving.

Mind you, Bluetooth speakers are still on sale. As long as you make your cellphone "hands-free," it should be fine.

Owen said...

As a commuter cyclist in a small but car-centric city I have to say I welcome this. However, I don't believe it will be enforced other than charging a person with it after the fact of an accident that may have been caused by distracted driving. VW has some good points.

Gadget said...

The funny thing is that I'll betcha the police will be out in force nailing people left right and centre for violations against the new law, yet still have their radar units set to only alert on folks driving 125 kmph in a 100 zone!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Patrick on this one for sure. Less gov't regulation and enforcement in people's lives is a goal we should all attain for. With ZERO debate on this our provincial legislature, I'm fearing that further & faster intrusion is all but inevitable.