Sunday, May 07, 2006

"Pay More, Get Less" Website Falls Short

The Ontario Progressive Conservative (PC) party has launched a new website criticizing the provincial Liberals' budget. Pay More Get has some interesting tidbits including Dalton's Top 50 Broken Promises and a reasonably professional look. On the whole, however, the content is borderline amateur with a list of the governments' short comings, but without any alternative ideas. The website only reinforces my opinion that the PC party strategy is to win the next election by default waiting on the sidelines hoping that the voters will punish Liberals for their visionless governing. If this is the case, there's no good reason to vote PC in the next provincial election, either the Liberals or the PCs will simply result more of the same.

The new website headlines:
The Federal Government Gets It – Why Can’t Dalton McGuinty?

I have to ask:

The Federal Conservatives Get It – Why Can’t John Tory?

The best way to win elections is by offering the voters a choice, something to vote for. Blanket criticism without an alternative vision will simply turn people off.


Mugs said...

I will be voting Freedom Party if they run in my riding otherwise, I'll be declining to vote.
Your right their isn't much difference between Tory and Mcguinty..

Patrick O'Neil said...

Scandolous mugs! And from a blogging tory too.

I'm with you, currently I can't say that John Tory deserve's my vote. But it my riding my auto mechanic pretty much nailed it after the last election saying, "Ernie Eves didn't deserve to win but Ted (Arnott) did."

I will look closely at the Family Coalition Party if they field a candidate.

Mugs said...

Actually I just have a link up for blogging tories I don't think I made their link list :)

I just can't trust a red tory when it comes to making government smaller, and using common sence.

I think the Freedom Parties slogan "Some things are black and white" is brillant they just need to field some candidates in rural Ontario. I think some morally guided libertarianism is just what rural Ontario needs- its ripe for change.