Monday, April 06, 2009

Frank Klees Just Called

I just got done speaking with Frank Klees for about 20 minutes. I take it as a real compliment that a candidate for the leadership of the Ontario PC Party would personally call me to answer my questions and to talk about his campaign. He would have really impressed me if he said he had read my blog, but alas he called because one of my good friends on his campaign recommended he call me.

We had a very direct conversation. I asked him a very aggressive question about one of his past campaigns and he answered it very well. We talked about his motivation and the people that he had working on his campaign. I let him know I was a social conservative and I don't want to waist my time working for a Red Tory. He told me about his motivation for entering politics, his faith and his strong belief in individual responsibility.

I didn't commit my support to him yet, but I told him I'll make a decision by next Monday. I've got to have a few other conversations with folks on other campaigns, however, Frank did convince me that he's not the closet Red Tory in the crowd. He also has a number of people I highly respect on his campaign. I'm definitely considering supporting him.

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