Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fighting Dirty

John Tory's thugs have targetted another Conservative volunteer. Here they're trying to smear the reputation of Dr. Rueben Devlin. I met Dr. Devlin a few times when I was more involved in politics, and I went to University with his daughter. From my limited contact with him, I found him to be a wise, caring, and honorable man. BUT this is not about Dr. Devlin. Dr. Devlin is not running for office, John Tory is working to keep his post. Right now, John Tory's only job is to prove to the party membership that he deserves a second chance. The first thing he should do is rise above this shameful smear and condemn its authors.

Right now, I'm just thankful that I'm (mostly) irrelevant to this proces. Otherwise, I'd be concerned what Tory's thugs might dig up about me.


H/T Adam Daifallah

Here's to John Manley

I've gotta hand it to John Manley. Less than two weeks ago I was slamming his leader Stephan Dion for a pathetic press conference the two gave in Afghanistan. Tuesday, a panel headed by John Manley recommended that Canada extend it's mission in Afghanistan. According to the CBC, the panel found that Canada should maintain its current role in Afghanistan provided two conditions are met:

(1) The assignment of an additional battle group of about 1,000 soldiers to Kandahar by NATO and/or other allies before February 2009.

(2) That the government secure new, medium-lift helicopters and high-performance unmanned aerial vehicles for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance before
that date.

If these conditions are not met, "the government should give appropriate notice to the Afghan and allied governments of its intention to transfer responsibility for security in Kandahar . . . The hard truth is that an ISAF retreat from Afghanistan before that country's own forces can defend its security would most likely condemn the Afghan people to a new and bloody cycle of civil war and misrule — and raise new threats to global peace and security," the panel says.

"In sum, an immediate military withdrawal from Afghanistan would cause more harm than good."

I'm very impressed by the intelligence of this report, and I couldn't agree more with the conclusions. John Manley's role is even more impressive, he has willingly contradicted his own party policy to make a bold statement for the benefit of Canada's national interest and International peace and security.

John Manley's contribution should not be understated, take his words at a news conference:
"We've heard it again and again, 'This is NATO's most important mission.' Well, it's time for the rhetoric to end, either they mean it, that this is the most important mission, or they don't. If they don't, then we need to look to the well-being of our young people."
This is a master stroke. It's a bold challenge to other NATO countries to get involved in a meaningful way in the mission. Canada is willing to sholder more than it's share of the burden, but we can't do it alone. Manley has also effectively put the responsibility on Prime Minister Harper to pressure other countries to play their part.

John Manley, you've done an excellent job. Prime Minister Harper, gifts like this don't come along every day please make full use of it. NATO - prove this alliance relevant and ensure we accomplish this mission!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Telling . . .

588 votes (including mine) to give John Tory the boot. I hope he's getting the message.

But I'm not holding my breath, the London Free Press quoted one of my professors, Paul Nesbitt-Larking saying, "Unless it's been a disaster, they should give a leader two elections." True enough, but this was a disaster, John Tory didn't even win his own seat in the last election.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

But why would HE meet with THEM?

So Stephan Dion and Michael Ignatieff went to Afghanistan to meet with Afghan President Hamid Karzai.

Mr. Dion and Mr. Ignatieff ... told the Afghan leader that they
believe Canada's combat role should not be renewed.

However, they told Mr. Karzai that the party still supports diplomatic and development efforts, as well as a possible continued military presence in the country, they added.

No word was available on how Mr. Karzai reacted to that position, although Mr. Dion said the Afghan leader did thank Canada for its current contributions during the

No word indeed. I can guess what Mr. Karzai was thinking, "Why did I agree to meet with these two clowns." The Afghan government has been very clear that Canada's role, including it's military support is and has been essential to that country's security. I doubt very much that Afghanistan's position has changed.

I truly cannot fathom why Karzai would even meet with these two unless he thought that he could convince them that Canada's mission should be extended. Obviously he has more convincing to do.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


This is my latest addiction. Futures trading in politicians. This is too much fun, and a lot harder than it looks. I thought it was easy money to bet on Hillary to lose the New Hampshire Primary, but she went and won and my contracts expired worthless.
Rasmussen Markets is totally free, and its a source of daily polling data for the US presidential election. For what it's worth, my funny money is betting on Mitt Romney. That news alone will probably knock him down 1/2 a point in trading.