Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Finally a Bit of Good News

I heard two good news stories on the drive home yesterday. First, Brick brewing is adding a new canning line in their Kitchener facility. I should clarify when I said good news stories, I was referring to the economics of the story not simply that there would be more beer in the province - that's just a fringe benefit. The other news was a new condo development in an old factory in the Cambridge area. Neither story is particularly earth shattering. It's just since all this fuss started in October, I don't remember hearing any good news about local businesses. Yesterday there were two stories and nothing negative. I'll take it.


Owen said...

That's great news. We could use that here in Windsor with out 13% plus unemployment: not the beer per se but the jobs!

Any job in the tri-city / Guelph area benefits not only those cities but the small villages in the surrounding area like the one my mom lives in.

Anonymous said...

That is good news.
There are lots of positive stories throughout Canada that people don't get to hear about because only bad news sells.
Here in Niagara Falls they've started work on a new Convention Centre and a four-pad hockey arena while work continues on the 58 storey expansion of the Hilton Hotel making it the tallest hotel in Canada.
These three projects alone will bring many hundreds of new jobs to our area and they won't all be minimum wage. Chambermaids are in heavy demand here in Niagara and the starting rate is in the low to mid teens.

Anonymous said...

By low to mid teens I'm talking about an hourly wage of twelve to sixteen dollars an hour, plus tips.