Thursday, March 08, 2012

Rick Santorum for President

In honour of Rick Santorum's resounding victory in Kansas tonight (51% to 21% for Santorum), I want to join these girls in singing Game On!

I wish we had a leader half as inspiring as Rick up here in Canada.

From his record we know he places a genuine emphasis on the dignity of every person and that he refuses to buy into environmental alarmism. His speech on Super Tuesday was especially insightful highlighting to Americans that their freedom is at stake because of the rapid expansion of government:

We are running deficits, where we’re borrowing 40 cents of every dollar.

And as you look at all of the young people here, the leaders in Washington are
saying to you, on your tab, and you will pay for this, the rest of your life.

What right does the government have to do that to the next generation?

I hadn't heard it put quite so eloquently, but he's right, the rate of borrowing and printing money in the US is almost immoral. Later he said:

They believe that it’s no longer possible for free enterprise, a free economy, and free people to be able to build strong communities and families and be able to provide for themselves and their neighbors. No, we now need an increasingly powerful federal government to do this for us.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the beginning of the end of freedom in America. Once the government has control of your life, then they got you.

And of course the greatest example of expansionist government taking away individual freedom is the undemocratic implementation of Obamacare:

we need people to go up against President Obama and his vision of a top-down government control, of not just health care, but of energy and of manufacturing and of financial services, and who knows what else is next.

But this is a -- this is a president who believes -- who believes that he simply is better able to do this than you are, that he will be fairer than you are with your fellow man. Ladies and gentlemen, this is an election about fundamental liberty. And
the signature piece, the signature piece of legislation that points this out, where you have economic rights created by the government, and then the government using its heavy hand to force you to buy insurance, to force you to take policies that you don’t want, and, of course, to force you to take coverages that may even violate your faith convictions...

Rick Santorum gets the importance of this election, and clearly believes what he says. No wonder these young girls and the people of Kansas are inspired!