Monday, April 10, 2006

Featuring - Stockwell Day

Stockwell Day - Minister of Public Safety
Wikipedia Entry

+ Stockwell Day was Minister of Labour, Minister of Social Services, and Treasurer in Alberta's provincial government, where he oversaw the elimination of Alberta's provincial debt.

+ Stockwell Day became Leader of the Canadian Alliance and brought instant credibility to the new party after defeating the front runner, Reform Party Leader Preston Manning.

+ Stockwell Day had the courage to stand by his Christian faith despite widespread public mockery in one of the nastiest election campaigns in Canadian history.

+/- Poor organization and indecisiveness in his office meant that he could not keep a caucus revolt led by individuals loyal to Preston Manning from dividing the party. However, he reacted with remarkable grace in the subsequent leadership campaign.

+ As Foreign Affairs critic, Mr Day represented Canada well, holding the Liberal Government to account especially on issues such as fighting terrorism. Stockwell's excellent performance as Foreign Affairs critic re-earned him much of the respect that had been lost during his embattled leadership of the Canadian Alliance.

+ Stockwell Day is an eloquent defender of life, marriage, and the family.

+ As Minister he's generated optimism among correctional workers.

+ Today Stockwell Day announced that Canada has added the Tamil Tigers to its list of terrorist organizations.

Overall Score: +7 I'm a still Stockaholic. (Don't worry, I'm also support Stephen Harper.)

My advice to Stockwell Day: (1) Promote the protection of life and marriage within cabinet, whenever appropriate. (2) Bring forward gun laws that protect citizens, but respect the rights of responsible owners. (3) Promote tough sentencing for violent crime. (4) Keep up the good work.

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Anonymous said...

Nice to see Stock getting some credit for a change.