Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Random Election Thoughts

So it's exactly 1 week since the US election and I'm still a little shell shocked. I honestly believed that Romney and Ryan were going to pull it off. I even took some time off work and travelled down to Ohio to help out with the Romney campaign in the final stretch, in spite of the result it was a great time and I'm glad I took the time to stand up for freedom.

I hate hurricanes, at least I hate how the media seems to be able to turn every hurricane into a disaster for the Republican party. Seriously the liberal spin machine is incredible, the embassy attacks in Libya were a disaster, the cover ups were criminal, and at the end of the day President Obama was more trusted on foreign policy than Romney. Then there's the stock market, news reports say there's fear that a "divided government won't be able to avoid the fiscal cliff." That's it, it's the House Republican's fault! I think it's far more likely that financial markets are concerned about the President's ability to manage the economy, but the media will always find a way to matter of factly pin it on the conservatives.

There will be serious consequences. I'm more optimistic than I was about religious freedom. I think the coalition of Catholics, Evangelicals, Orthodox Jews, and Mormons will continue to grow and develop their messages on religious freedom. There will be attacks, but there will be an effective defence.

On the economy, I hold out a lot less hope. I predict there will be at least another round of quantitative easing and America will receive successive credit downgrades. The US dollar will begin depreciating against most major currencies, probably even the Euro. Interest rates will rise sharply despite the efforts of the Federal Reserve. Unemployment will rebound and move above 8%.

On Foreign Affairs, I'm down right fearful of what will happen. Iran, Russia, China and North Korea will be emboldened knowing that Obama has no interest in maintaining American military superiority or preventing Iran from producing nuclear weapons. I can't predict what will happen but if I lived in Israel, I'd be very afraid.