Tuesday, April 14, 2009

He's Walking

Back in February I wrote about my grandfather's (I call him Opa) struggle to recover from his stroke and that I would make praying for him a priority. Well I'm pleased to say he's walking, at least we were walking together briefly on Easter Sunday.

It was only the second time I saw him since his stroke and all I heard were mostly negative reports from my family about his ability and that he had zero strength in his legs. As far as I know he wasn't receiving any physiotherapy. However, I kept up praying that he would walk again consistently, most evenings and every time I went to Mass.

His children were scared to let him walk, but when I saw him rocking back and forth in his wheelchair, trying to get up, I convinced them that there would be no danger if one of us picked him up on either side. As soon as he was up, he had reached for his wife's walker and started leading us around the house, there was almost no weight on my hands as we walked around the house. Later when it was time to leave he got up again and walked with us to the car - he even walked down the rather steep stairs at the entrance to the house.

I'm really proud of him. Maybe he just had more strength than we gave him credit for. Maybe the hint of spring gave him more energy. Maybe he wanted to show his entire family what he was capable of. Probably it's a combination, but I'm certain the largest part of his success is God's answer to our prayers and for that I'm very thankful!

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