Sunday, July 02, 2006

Welcome Fr. Ian Duffy

St. Joseph's Parish in Fergus has been extremely blessed, especially with wonderful pastors! Since I've moved to Fergus, we've had 3 wonderful priests, Fr. Ken Miskiewicz, Fr. Frank Frietas, and today Fr Ian Duffy!

I've heard only good things about Fr. Duffy. I've only seen Fr Duffy twice, first at a seminar during lent and then this morning at Sunday mass. However, it's already clear that he's an eloquent teacher.

I just did a quick check and found that he's so eloquent, they've put him on television. Here's a 30 minute video on why it's important to save sex for marriage from Salt & Light TV where he helps teach. Father Ian is part of a new generation of Catholic Priests that will fill the church with enthusiasm.

If the loving attention that he has given to St. Gabriel's Parish for the last 4 years is any indication, I know our parish will be richly blessed.


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