Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Courage Runs in the Family

I want to recognize the debt that I and the rest of Canadians owe to all the soldiers who have served, are serving, or have lost their lives in Afghanistan. Theirs is a noble mission to protect the world from terrorism and to rebuild a country where people have suffered needlessly under a repressive regime.

Corporal Anthony Boneca is the latest soldier who has given his life for freedom. He was a committed soldier who executed his duties bravely and volunteered for two missions to Afghanistan. He was clearly a man who loved his country who willingly risked his life.

Unfortunately, the media and those opposed to the war were determined to use Boneca's death as an opportunity to question the mission and question the resolve of our soldiers. This was completely shameful and not only tarnished the name of a good man; it tarnished the name of all our men and women in uniform.

Fortunately bravery runs in the Boneca family. Despite losing their only son, Anthony's parents, have opened themselves up to more media scrutiny to set the record straight, that there son was a committed soldier who was properly trained for his duties.

Thankfully, I haven't lost a close relative to war in my lifetime and I pray diligently that I never will. I cannot know the Boneca's grief, but to willingly take on intense media scrutiny while trying to cope with their grief, they have shown themselves to be courageous examples to all Canadians.

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