Saturday, July 15, 2006

High Stakes for Terror Mole

This excellent article describes how CSIS, Canada's spy agency, successfully infiltrated the Toronto terror cell. The 'terror mole' Mubin Shaikh describes some of his challenges like this:

He stands on the corner describing his “surreal” predicament to a Globe reporter. Since the beginning of the investigation, he's had to repeatedly prove his loyalty to both his employer and his emir, Mr. Ahmad.

One day during the investigation, he was driving Mr. Ahmad somewhere while being followed by undercover police officers. When Mr. Ahmad noted that they were being tailed, the agent weaved through lanes of traffic, trying to shake off the people who pay his salary, he said. He is also, he said, fearful of any reprisals that may stem from his co-operation in the case. Many people in the Muslim community suspect he was involved and the agent worries that a tiny fraction of them might take issue with him.

But he's prepared to be scrutinized by all of his Canadian Muslim brothers and the defence lawyers of the accused, who will no doubt vigorously examine him about the $77,000 he says he's earned, and the $300,000 he's says he's owed.

He is definitely an enigma. Supporting Jihad in Iraq and Afghanistan, but wanting to keep it away from Canada. But that's OK. We don't have to vote for him, we don't even have to like him. By dealing with this guy CSIS helped the RCMP get the job done. It's just a shame he's gone and blown his cover.

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