Thursday, July 06, 2006

Bush and Harper Should be More Friendly

George Bush and Stephen Harper met today to celebrate the president's birthday and to talk about the tough issues facing the two countries. There are a lot of successes to celebrate including both countries' success in fighting terrorism at home and abroad as President Bush acknowledged when he gave Stephen some well deserved praise for Canada's bold investment in our military.

One of the biggest threats to cross border trade and the relationship between our two countries is the American proposal to require passports from everyone crossing the border from Canada. American security issues are extremely important, but Stephen Harper hit the nail on the head when he said, "If the fight for security ends up meaning that the United States becomes more closed to its friends, then the terrorists have won. And I don't think either of us want that." President Bush promised to work to extend deadlines, but pointed out that the US congress has the ultimate control on this issue.

As always, Stephen Harper was very effective in representing Canada's interests, but, according to the Canadian press: "Harper, aware of critics at home who don't want him to be too cozy with Bush, wanted the visit to be taken very seriously but remain as low-key as possible, with none of the flash accorded other leaders. "

I understand that many Canadians don't want our Prime Minister to be too buddy-buddy with the American President, but, I wish it weren't that way. Our countries should be close allies with a rich history, and many, many common goals. Think how much stronger the relationship can be if the two leaders are openly partners in peace, and also friends.

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