Sunday, October 17, 2010

Say it ain't so.

Canada's Redneck Games are no more. The Wellington Advertiser reported this weekend:

After five years and numerous top 100 festival awards, the Minto Redneck Games will no longer be there to “Get It Done.”

Last week, council made the decision to cancel the games, following a loss of roughly $8,500 on the event’s Saturday night concert.

Although Economic Development Committee manager Belinda Wick-Graham was welcomed to the table, it was with a heavy heart she presented her report on the status of the games and the results of the meeting held with the Redneck Games committee.

“My report basically sums everything up,” Wick-Graham said. “I have mixed feelings about this.” She explained there were multiple meetings with the core committee, made up of 14 different community groups involved with the event, to try to come up with a decision.

There was not a solid consensus and if a few additional people had been at the meeting, Wick-Graham said it may have swayed the vote in a different direction. . .

The recommendation made to council was to discontinue the event.

“If at some time in the future, if there is an urge to regenerate it, that can happen.”

With regret, council approved the recommendation of the Redneck committee that the event be discontinued.

It's sad news no doubt. I never attended the games, but I always got a kick out of the pictures that would make it into the local paper. It looked like serious fun.

The brutal truth is despite the fact that I always though the event looked fun and Harriston is less than an hour away, I never went. The event was cancelled because there wasn't enough attendance or volunteer leadership. This is a reminder that if we want community events, we really should lend our support.


Anonymous said...

Yeah you are correct. It is easy for each of us to think, somebody else will do it. Or they will be fine on their own. But until we get off our duffs each of us, nothing really happens. I've suffered from the same disease most of my life. (real conservative)

Anonymous Catholic Housewife said...

Sad, yes, but we never went either. And I'd rather they cancel the games than throw municipal tax dollars at it. If an art, theater or festival are interesting enough to a community, it should be able to survive on volunteer work and community support.

Patrick O'Neil said...

Real Conservative. I appreciate your honesty. I'm mostly in the same boat although I did buy tickets to a local festival this summer. As an aside - do you have your own blog?

Andrea - I couldn't agree more. Volunteer and community support is what makes these festivals worthwhile.