Monday, October 04, 2010

Brand New ProLife Hero

Ruth Lobo is an eloquent and brave young woman who was arrested along with four other university students at Carelton University. They've been charged with trespassing after refusing to take down pro-life signs that they were holding. It's been clear for many years that conservatively minded students at Canadian Universities are subject to ridicule and unfair treatment. This is a brand new low.

My bet is that Carelton picked a fight with the wrong girl. In this video Ruth is eloquent and confident even as she is being arrested. The university should drop the charges immediately. Miss Lobo should launch a civil suit against the university for violating her rights as a student.

Stay Strong Ruth!

h/t Christian Conservative


Jeff said...

Ruth Lobo is my hero! I sent an email to asking how I could help. What I want to do is call the Ottawa police and mock them for arresting a bunch of peaceful pro-life students. Way to go tough guys! I know you're just taking orders. Way to go bosses of the tough guys. Do you feel any righteous satisfaction now?

Anonymous said...

Wow! That's incredible and powerful stuff. I would love to see or hear of some left-wing or media darling of the day get the same fair treatment that was administered in this occassion.

Well done Ruth Lobo. Our family's thought and prayers are with you and your group at Carlton.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the stance on freedom of speech, and they should not be arrested because they are protesting against abortion.

The only problem is that they weren't arrested for protesting, they were arrested for displaying obscene and offensive images. The use of shocking and disturbing images is the new trend, with mutilated images of babies being displayed even on trucks driving through cities. This is an immoral way to protest. It creates a hostile environment, where these people appear to be blaming everyone who passes them for supporting abortion, and these images are there to be seen by children, who should not be exposed to such horror. This is 'disaster pornography' used to draw attention and play on the sick human interest of seeing death, and also to change people's minds through disgust.

This will not change minds, it will only anger and horrify. The many sane people who are pro-life will not want to be associated with such a perverse campaign, and people who are unsure will certainly not want to be bombarded by this horror, and will likely choose the other side.

The only way to decrease abortions is to provide care and support for mothers who don't abort, when they have few options. You can't just leave them on their own when they make the right choice, because everyone will see that it makes their lives more difficult, and we will still see all these children growing up in poverty and crime. We need to create a moral high-ground that looks promising and hopeful, not like a huge burden.

Patrick O'Neil said...

Anon #3

I've not seen the images. So I agree that it is a legitimate debate for pro-lifers to have about whether this style of poster is the best way for students to protest.

In my days at university, more than a deacade ago, there were graphic images everywhere, and I don't suspect things have become any milder. It is not the university's place to target pro life students for censorship.

Anonymous said...

I applaud these students for taking a stand. There is a link between abortion and Hitler. It is the same mindset that is behind Planned Parenthood that Hitler had in wanting to create a "super race" by killing those people ie. jews that were not what he deemed to be people who had a right to life just as everyone else does.

I pray that this stand has made a difference. God Bless Ruth and the others.