Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Little Help

I've entered into a vivid discussion with a self described human hating environmentalist atheist. Our conversation has meandered from the environment to matters theological. My only regrets are (1) that this post is going to fall of the front page of my blog soon so nobody may ever see the discussion, and (2) I can't dedicate as much time to the debate as my opponent. Fortunately, he's volunteered to take on all comers so please join in the debate if you like.

We're starting a second discussion on the sanctity of marriage here. I hope some of you do join in the debate, I'm enjoying trying to get into this guy's head.

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Misanthropic Scott said...

Clarification on human hating. I don't hate individuals, or at least not all, and do hate our species due to the death and destruction we cause wherever we go.

As for getting into my head, trust me, it's not easy living in my brain. You wouldn't like it.