Monday, May 18, 2009

The New Attack Ads

The latest Conservative Attack Ads are pretty good. I especially like "The Economy." It's the least personal of the ads and it hits hard by drawing attention to his promise to raise taxes and the way he described himself as a 'tax and spend Liberal.' The ad still plays to the fact that he's basically completely unknown except for the fact that he's intensely arrogant. The image at the end of all the English with Ignatieff seeming to imitate a king or Pope, kissing his hands toward a throng of journalists speaks volumes. If you haven't seen it, take a 30 second look below:

I'll close with 2 random thoughts. The French ads seem OK, the tone is tougher and I think they'll play very well in a province that still seems anti-establishment. The downside is they end with a reference to a website, which sounds a lot like 'who am I?' I was intrigued, but right now that website just jumps to the Conservative Party's YouTube page.

I don't think these ads will be as effective as the anti-Dion ads. Dion was just too easy a target. I do think they are important, Ignatieff is an enigma and he's spent the last 5 months focusing on opportunities for self aggrandizement to the exclusion of everything else. These ads are certain to make Canadians think twice about this guy.


Anonymous said...

Attack ads are necessary because the Harper record is weak and Harper is a nasty man.

Getting Canadians to hate Liberals more than Conservatives is a bottom feeding race to nowhere. But, I understand that Harper must do this to have a hope of redeeming his terrible track record for the past 6 months.

kursk said...

I will put up PM Harper's accomplishments with two successive minority govts against any of the last few years of Liberal majority rule.Any day.

If Harper is a nasty man, 'da boss' was a downright corrupt thug.

Hawker said...

Since December, Ignatieff and the Liberals have been given quite a free ride by the MSM. The sad fact is I hate the fact that we, as Conservatives, whether in Government or in Opposition, constantly have to have our fighting gloves on. Just think, if the Conservatives were to choose a new leader in the future, would the MSM be so willing to give him or her a free ride? I don't think so. Just take a look at the press coverage on the Ontario PC Party leadership race. I think I've seen much more negative spin than positive. I hate the fact that we live in a Country where the MSM default support for the Liberals (or NDP in some cases) is just as bad as state-owned media controlled by communist countries.

Anonymous said...

Harper has appointed senators, destroyed energy income trusts, repeatedly punched below the belt in the way he does business and passed the most unconservative budget in history (ie record level of debt).

He needs attack ads to hide his deficiencies.