Thursday, May 07, 2009

Campaign Life Endorses Klees

Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) endorsed Frank Klees today. Lifesite News reports:

"Campaign Life Coalition's Preferred Candidate Frank Klees (MPP Newmarket-Aurora) has a pro-life history, has been a strong supporter of parental rights and conscience rights for health care workers. He supports the traditional definition of marriage and the defunding of abortion." spoke with Klees about CLC's backing. He said the endorsement was gratifying and confirmed his pro-life stance. "My position on pro-life positions has been consistent since I've been in public life," he said.

This endorsement is a big deal for the Klees campaign which started out well behind the other campaigns that had been organizing since the last election, well before John Tory's resignation.

Campaign Life's endorsement matters because of their long established organization, substantial membership, and motivated volunteers. Their targeted support will bring far more memberships and volunteers to the Klees campaign than a half dozen MPPs or riding presidents.

The fact that Frank Klees welcomed the endorsement speaks very well of his credibility. Many politicians are willing to accept social conservatives' help but shy away from acknowledging them publicly. Frank's reaction speaks to his integrity and his level of commitment to the cause.

Each of the issues highlighted by the CLC is a winning issue. Other candidates recognize the importance of conscience rights as essential to our fundamental freedoms, but Frank has backed this commitment with action by introducing a private member's bill in the legislature. Perhaps the most controversial policy sighted by CLC is defunding abortion. However, even this policy is supported by a majority of Ontarians, Frank's support for this policy is both principled and politically savvy.

It's worth joining the Ontario PC party just to support Frank Kless. Join today or at least by May 14.


Guelph First said...

"Each of the issues highlighted by the CLC is a winning issue"

Insane. They will get the party killed.

Honey Pot said...

He is a brave man, a man before his time.

The unborn child is not seen as a human by many, with the right to take his/her first breath.

Many anti-life are intellectually incapable of understanding that concept.

As mankind evolves, the common practice of killing their unborn will cease.

It will hurt Kless politically to have the CLC endorsement, but he can stand proud that he did not succumb to endorsing a barbaric practice of the times.

Guelph First said...

Yeah great, more years in the wilderness because a minority in the party is shoving its agenda down everyones throat. Millions of dollars and tens of thousands of volunteer hours wasted, just because you have a couple of pet ideas you want everyone in Ontario to believe. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Well, I think he is gone, then. As a staunch female conservative on most issues, defunding abortion is a HUGE no go.

BillyHW said...

What's conservative about forcing other people to pay for your abortions?

Patrick O'Neil said...

Guelph + Anon, Yes they are winning issues. Conscience legislation is about freedom and has broad based support. About defunding, I expect that when the PCs form government people will be anxious to see the HST reduced, and any savings we can find will be most welcome.

Guelph First said...

A nano second you bring up making any changes to the abortion laws, you’re dead in that water and you hit third party status. The left will paint you are radical Christian fundamentalists, and its game over. If you think for one second that the public will support it, you’re delusional.

BillyHW said...

You're doing a pretty good job of that yourself, Guelph.

Patrick O'Neil said...

Nice call Billy.

Guelph, Nobody not even Campaign Life Coalition is talking about changing laws. You really can relax.