Monday, May 04, 2009

Liberals Embrace Democracy

I didn't see this coming. The party of elites and academics has finally given party members the opportunity to vote on who becomes leader. Chantal Hebert gives Stephane Dion the credit:

As for Dion, if he served a primary purpose the past three days, it has been to make Ignatieff look good.

Any regret some Liberals might have felt at seeing him go was largely dispelled by a long, rambling farewell speech Friday that featured a lot of the woolly thinking that induced almost one million habitual Liberal supporters to stay home in the last election.

At least in Ignatieff, they have a leader who can hold forth efficiently in both official languages, and who is certain to hold his own in the televised debates of the next
campaign, two features that could not be taken for granted in Dion's case.

Dion's 2006 leadership victory was the unlikely product of a convention floor deal struck among various Liberal factions. Yesterday, the party moved to ensure that does not ever happen again. The convention overwhelmingly endorsed an amendment to the party constitution that ensures future leaders will be chosen by a membership-wide vote. Three years ago in Montreal, a pre-Dion Liberal party had soundly defeated the same resolution.

This is good for democracy, unlike the way their current leader's coronation.


Anonymous said...

Make that Chantal Hebert.

Blame Crash said...


And you believe them!

The owners of the Gliberal Party pull this totally blatant undemocratic stunt and then profess they'll never do it again.

And you believe them!

It's all a big act. They know how bad this looks in the eyes of many Canadian’s. This whole thing is designed to distract our attention away from that fact, and substitute it with something that seems positive. It'll be changed back the day it's advantageous for them to do so.

I’ll end with a word of advice. Don’t go believing everything you read. Especially when it’s coming from some liberal journalist or this crew of lying dirt bag Liberals.

Patrick O'Neil said...

1 - Thanks, I'm getting sloppy.

2 - It's a good policy period. Don't believe everything I read? Are you saying they didn't pass the resolution? I thought I mentioned the hypocrisy in the last sentence. Still it's good policy, I hope they stick with it - For the sake of good government.