Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Mornings May Never be the Same!

Our Church had a Hallow e'en fundraiser last Friday. It was a great success, must have had 1/3 of all the couples in the parish there. I was amazed by the creativity of the costumes. Actually it was really stiff competition, we had to settle for runners up in the best couple's costume category. We just couldn't compete with the couple that came as the cheerleaders from Will Ferrel's old Saturday Night Live skit, the perfect cheer. We certainly couldn't compete with their dancing! Other competition came from Indiana Jones and Laura Croft, Old Elpaso Salsa and the Nacho Man, A Football and Basketball player, and a Hippie couple where the husband wore an authentic baby blue leisure suit.

Our Priest, Father Jack Sparrow, had one of the best individual costumes, while the biker gang, super-safe cyclists, and the 50's table were awesome groups.

I expected an entertaining evening, but by letting loose with the people we usually just smile politely at, I had way more fun than I would ever have imagined. We'll definitely go again next year.

The only thing was that mass this morning seemed different. It's probably something about imagining a reader in Western gear and a Eucharistic minister in blue leather pants!

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