Thursday, October 09, 2008

Life Chain in KW

Sunday was a beautiful day for the Life Chain in Kitchener. I've been to a number of pro-life events on King St. in front of Grand River Hospital, but today seemed different. Maybe because we're in the middle of an election campaign, maybe it was just the fresh fall air, but there was an energy that isn't always there. Approximately 150 people sacrificed a few hours on a Sunday afternoon to stand for life and speak out against abortion. Notable was the vast range in age, there were a few less of the old pro life stalwarts and a lot more young people and new families.

Lots of cars honked the horns, many happy honks, and a few less happy honks. Many people waived most with a smile, some with a few fingers missing. And there were a lot of people who just turned and looked and then started a conversation in their car. So I think it's safe to say that the people in the traffic seemed more engaged than during other years.

There were also two small things that I've never seen before. First a great big bus full of passengers honked the horn again and again passing the whole block as the bus driver waived. Second about 30 minutes into the event a small car stopped suddenly and a girl who looked about 16 years old jumped out of the car started talking to her friends and picked up a sign of her own!

Talk about results, and all we had to do was stand around and enjoy the fresh fall air!

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SUZANNE said...

Yeah, ours was pretty good, too, in my corner of Ottawa. Seems to me people are becoming more forthright in their pro-life convictions.