Thursday, October 30, 2008

Shameful Tactics at the University of Guelph

I only found out about this today as I casually saw the front page of today's Guelph Mercury. The University of Guelph's Central Student Association (CSA) revoked official club status for Life-Wise, Guelph's pro-life club, and on hearing an appeal of the decision the board of governors was not able to come to a conclusion.

The Guelph Mercury was right to condemn the CSA's decision noting:

For an ostensibly "pro-choice" entity, the Central Student Association at the University of Guelph has made an incredibly ill-advised choice in pulling the accreditation of a campus anti-abortion club. . . . Through its action, the student association's board has signalled that "freedom of choice" in this instance is limited to just one side of the extremely controversial debate about abortion -- and that's not the anti-abortion side.

Exactly right. I don't understand how the inherent contradiction is not obvious to this student society as they state in the same breath, I'm 'pro choice', and you don't have the right to form/choose an opinion. It's enough to make your brain explode.

I still think/hope that they will come to the right decision, however, the very fact that the CSA wants to silence opposing viewpoints is a sad commentary on the student leadership at Guelph.

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