Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Knocking on Doors in Kitchener Centre

On Monday night I went door to door for Stephen Woodworth in Kitchener Centre. The Liberal candidate won last time by about 11%, but with the Conservatives lead in the polls it will be a very close race for certain. Just a few observations:

  • If the poll I walked was any indication, the riding will go solidly Conservative.
  • Stephen Harper's biggest problems seem to be with voters that I would have suspected would lean Conservative. The first door I knocked on, the person who answered the door said he normally voted Conservative, but wasn't sure because he was very upset that the Order of Canada was given to Henry Morgentaler. Another voter was really upset because they thought the election wasn't necessary.
  • It takes all kinds. There was one house with a Green party sign, and 4 big gas guzzling vehicles parked in the driveway.

Last thing, I forgot how much I enjoy doing the real work of an election campaign. I definitely hope to be out a few more times and of course on Election Day!

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Anonymous said...


Keep up the good campaigning work ... It will be wonderful to see a good man like Steven Woodworth in Ottawa!