Thursday, September 11, 2008

Guess I'm Just Another Stupid Canadian

So Green Party leader Elizabeth May gets to be part of the debate. Hoo-rah! Now we have to listen to this election's number one loose cannon while we're trying to make a serious decision. This short clip shows us what Elizabeth May thinks of us:

Here's the quote: Canadian Politicians are scared to use the word tax and they think Canadians are stupid, and I fundamentally agree with that assesment!

Hey Liz - The feeling is mutual.



pyper said...

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duhgee said...

"number one loose cannon while we're trying to make a serious decision"? Anyone who tries to make a serious decision while listening to a debate as we know it in Canadian politics is perhaps the 'stupid'. The debates are useless and depressing - everyone comes out looking like an idiot, thus why no one wants to vote -- not voting is the least of the evils.

I for one would be all in favour of a debate that occurred in soundproof rooms - as soon as one of the individuals spoke at all of the other guy, their microphone would be turned off and the moderator would move onto the next question/individual. As long as they speak about their own policies and positions, they are allowed to speak.

It would be a step toward maturity and professionalism, which I realize will never happen. I recall the debate between Obama and Clinton (admittedly, in the same party) - they actually built up each other while speaking of what makes them unique and differentiated from the other. That was impressive. It was then I wished I could vote as an American, rather than a Canadian.

Anonymous said...

Refer to your "Maybe they should all resign". If you reviewed the Canadian debates the past two nights, you will find that Elizabeth May conducted herself eloquently and her contributions were very well researched - Especially compared to the other party leaders. In fact, in the debate, Stephen Harper said he'd created 8000 jobs. This morning, he's saying 100 000. He also tried to mislead the public about the Liberal "green shift" into thinking there would be huge costs to taxpayers, when this allegation has been proven to be completely false.