Monday, September 08, 2008

And They're Off . . .

. . . to a terribly disappointing start to the election campaign.

I'll pick on the Conservatives first. They started the day with a 6:00 AM press conference so that they could define the agenda of the day's campaign. What was so important? They wanted to tell Canadian's that the Liberal plan to introduce a carbon tax, take away the $1,200 per year child tax benefit, and possibly raise the GST would cost Canadians a lot of money. Uh really? Raising taxes costs us money, we get it. Even if we were a little slow, you've only spent countless dollars on radio and gas pump adds to convince us. Canadians are already convinced that Harper is a better leader than Stephan Dion, and we know the carbon tax is ill timed and expensive. Now is the time for the Conservatives to tell Canadians what they would do with a majority government if they get it. Stephen, we're almost ready - BUT nobody is going to give you a blank cheque - tell us what you are going to offer us!

My second gripe with the Conservatives is why did you call the election on Sunday? Couldn't you wait just one more day?

OK, now for the Liberals. Stephan Dion is making it too easy for the Conservatives. He's presented a real plan for change, even if it is ill advised. The Conservatives gave Dion a gift by making today all about him. What does he do? He whines like a school boy:

"They are piling their lies upon lies," he said. "They are unable to stop to lie. Canadians will not accept that."

Dion also said the Conservatives have misrepresented his environmental plan to combat global warming, adding that he wants a serious debate with Harper on the issue. He called on the prime minister not to "try to win an election by lying."

Oh my, what a baby. Canadians will not elect someone Prime Minister who debates like a two year old.

My message to all the politicians this campaign: Please just tell us what you're going to do, throw some mud that makes things interesting, but you have to earn my vote and that means letting me know what your plan is in case you win.

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duhgee said...

They *all* debate like 2 year olds, and throwing mud doesn't make it interesting - it conceals the truth, and distracts from the issues. Politics should be informative, thought provoking, and professional - not another Ricky Lake or Jerry Springer episode.