Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Election Day II

Today was certainly an improvement on Day 1. The Conservatives have come out with a plan to make cut the diesel excise tax in half. The program is pretty much symbolic and liberal MP Dan McTeague rightly points out that the increase in GST collected on diesel because of rising prices will mostly offset this tax cut. Still this is timely and responsive and it will hopefully partially stem the effect of rising shipping costs on inflation. Harper gets the impact this is having on prices in general: "At a time when Canadians are concerned about affordability, and energy prices are rising, we should do what we can to lower prices. This has to be done."

The Liberals came out with a solid policy too. They want to throw more money away at the wasteful court challenges program. It's bad ideas like this that make me thankful the Conservatives are in power. The Conservatives killed this program back in 2006, and I'm thankful it's dead. Essentially the program funded left wing activists in their bid to change our laws by over ruling the legislature. It's anti-democratic at it's very heart, with promises like this Dion will make my decision this election very easy!

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