Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Rick Mercer: A Letter Worthy of Churchill

Rick Mercer is a funny man; He can make me laugh even when I disagree. But his letter in the NFLD Independent isn't funny, just powerful. In his letter he recounts the powerful story of Paul Franklin, a Canadian medic who lost both legs in Afghanistan and has already learned to walk again. But here's the kicker:

May I suggest to you that in many instances in history peace has been achieved exactly that way [through military offensives].

The gates of Auschwitz were not opened with peace talks. Holland was not liberated by peacekeepers and fascism was not defeated with a deft pen. Time and time again men and women in uniform have laid down their lives in just causes and in an effort to free others from oppression.

Rick has paid a very fitting tribute to our forces, and for that, I salute him.

(Special thanks to "la" for sending me the story.)

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