Monday, January 29, 2007

Marking a Morbid Anniversary

During the frigid temperatures last night, I joined 50 - 100 others in a candle light vigil at Grand River Hospital in Kitchener.

How COLD was it? -13C or 9F i.e. COLD! It was so COLD my digital camera refused to power up long enough to take the pictures I wanted to post here.

We braved the cold to mark the anniversary of Canada's Supreme Court Decision to strike down Canada's law on abortion on January 28, 1988. For almost 20 years there has been absolutely no law to protect the unborn at any stage of development; in this country an unborn child can be legally terminated during all nine months of pregnancy, right up until the child is delivered.

Last night's candle light vigil was a chance to offer prayers for the 2.7 million Canadian children who have not been born since 1970. It was also a chance to pray for their parents, for those who assisted in the procedure, and for politicians to take action. I also took time to be thankful for the wise man or woman who invented long underwear!


GrannyGrump said...

Hugs. God willing, we will turn this around.

What bewilders me to no end is how, of all human behaviors, people can latch onto abortion as the one they want to perpetuate, preserve, and promote.

Patrick O'Neil said...

I think we will. It can't get much worse at the beginning of life at least. Unfortunately their are many destructive human behaviours that people latch on to.