Saturday, February 03, 2007

So Con Blogs

I've added another blog roll to my side bar. SoCon Blogs is a group of social conservative bloggers and Ontario Bloggers who support the socially conservative Family Coalition Party. The Family Coalition Party is a fringe party that has never elected a member of provincial parliament, but the party is a principled party that will raise issues that the major parties refuse to touch. Especially with John Tory leading the Ontario PC party, there's very little difference between the two parties on most major issues, and there is absolutely no debate on important social issues such as freedom of conscience for health care workers, or any measure that would respect the sanctity of life. The need for a party that will represent social conservatives in Ontario is as great as ever.

I want to thank Suzanne at Big Blue Wave and every one else who organized this new web effort. SoCon Blogs will be one of my regular reads.

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