Friday, November 24, 2006

Muslim Debates Tucker on Removal of Imams from flight

2 Things:

1) This is my first attempt to embed a YouTube Video I hope this works.

2) On the content. Apparently some Muslims were prevented from boarding a plane for two hours because they were praying, and Muslim groups have loudly objected and called the incident an example of racism and bigotry in America.

Overall, Tucker's got a point. While people have every right to pray in an airport, (what else is there to do?) the Muslim community has to recognize that people have serious concerns about their safety. The way to get acceptance is to demonstrate that you are also accepting of others, and at minimum that you are no threat. A regrettable event, but it's also regrettable if Muslim groups want to use this as an opportunity to condemn our society rather than adapt to it.

One last thing. I have to say I was totally impressed by the Muslim representative here. Tucker was an incredibly hostile interviewer and the spokesman totally kept his composure.

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