Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bad News?

Stephen Harper must be shaking in his boots. First his alleged puppeteer south of the border had his wings clipped in the election on Tuesday. Now according to the CBC, Canadians are turning against him and the effort in Afghanistan.

Fewer Canadians than ever before strongly approve of Canada's role in Afghanistan, and overall support for the war is down from June. It's only a matter of time until the Canadian soldiers come home tails between their legs and realize their true mission role is to be peace keepers sent to areas where actual combat has long ceased with orders not to actually interfere with the locals.

Oh Really? The bad news is based on a monthly poll done by Environics, one of Canada's least competent pollsters. You'd never guess by the media coverage that this poll shows an increase in overall support for the effort in Afghanistan since the last survey was taken in October. In fact, according to this poll, fully 50% of Canadians support Canada's effort in Afghanistan. (This is a perfect example for anyone interested in earning $500 by exposing left wing bias in Canada's media.)

My only question with the poll is what of the other 50%? I'm certain that our army is more popular in Afghanistan than it is at home. Canadians are on a noble mission that will not only rebuild Afghanistan, but give us a safer world. To all our men and women serving over there, I 'strongly approve' of your efforts!

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Phil Primeau said...

I have dedicated my entire blog to pointing out Media Biase - and the only reason I won't enter the contest is the fact you can't post your article until the specific day of the contest. That is lame.

Oh yes, they are also social conservatives, which is a little more than I care to bargain for. I refuse to sell my soul to God.

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