Wednesday, November 01, 2006

London North Centre - Vote for Dianne

Dianne Haskett is running to be the Member of Parliament for London North Centre in the by-election slated for Nov 27. She's London's former Mayor who has impressive legal credentials and demonstrated that she had the nerve to stand up for her principles by refusing to declare Gay Pride day in the city of London, she was fined $10,000 by a kangaroo court otherwise known as a human rights tribunal. Londoners subsequently re-elected her with a resounding majority. Her decision spoke to her strength of character and that she was willing to stick by her decision despite intense media pressure. As the mayor who brought the Canada Games to London, she's more than qualified to guauge the will of her consituents and accurately represent them in Parliament.

Voters in London North Centre are priviledged to have the opportunity to vote for her. Canada's government will be better off on Nov 28, if the voters choose to send her to Ottawa.

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