Monday, April 17, 2006

Taxpayers Asked to Fund Lawsuits Against Themselves

"Little Sisters," a Vancouver gay and lesbian bookstore that specializes in fighting the government is asking the Supreme Court to fund another legal challenge against the government. The BC Court of Appeals has already ruled that funding should not be granted. One of the many issues is that the bookstore is a for profit company, that stands to promote and enrich itself at taxpayer expense.

Stephen Harper has promised an end to the culture of entitlement, but the government continues to foster these types of cases through its court challenges program.

There are many not for profit organizations that could fund this court challenge, finding the funds would not be a problem if their supporters thought it was enough of a priority. If these groups do not believe its worth funding with their own money, than clearly it should not be a priority for taxpayers either.

The Conservative Government should scrap this program.

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