Friday, April 07, 2006

A Free Vote on Marriage

Justice Minister Vic Toews reiterated the Conservative's plan to hold a free vote on Same Sex Marriage "sooner rather than later." This is the right thing to do as it will fulfill a campaign promise and finally allow Parliament to freely debate the issue for the first time. It will also be true to Conservative Party policy - delegates to the founding policy conference in Montreal voted 75% to protect traditional marriage in March 2005.

Same Sex Marriage was unilaterally forced on Canada by a court ruling in Ontario that was not appealed by the Liberal Government. Canada's Supreme Court ruled that the Parliament has the right to define marriage. And Same Sex marriage officially became law last spring when Paul Martin's Liberal government forced cabinet ministers to support the new law.

Last Wednesday's CTV story, quotes a poll from last January that said 66% of Canadians did not want another vote on marriage. The numbers may have changed since that poll was taken in the midst of an election campaign, where the Liberals were quick to label anyone supporting traditional marriage as intolerant. The poll numbers would also likely change if Canadians recognized that Parliament has not yet freely debated the issue.

If you believe that traditional marriage is worth defending, you may want to visit some of the following websites:,, Canada Family Action Coalition, REAL Women, Focus on the Family,

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