Saturday, April 08, 2006

Featuring - Vic Toews

Vic Toews (pronounce Taves), Minister of Justice.
Wikipedia entry

+ Vic Toews served the People of Manitoba as Minister of Labour and Minister of Justice in their provincial government in the late 1990s according to Jim McCrae, he has a brilliant legal mind.

+ In 2000, Vic Toews was elected to Parliament as a member of the Canadian Alliance, he has consistently earned a high percentage of the vote, earning more than 50% of the vote in every federal election he's contested and more than 65% of the vote in 2006.

+ He consistently promotes: A fair balance between the court and parliament, the defense of children by raising the age of consent, the protection of marriage, religious freedom, and rational gun laws.

+ Vic already struck a blow against judicial activism by joining Stephen Harper in announcing the nomination of Marshall Rothstein to the Supreme Court.

Overall Rating: +4 A very strong choice for cabinet.

My advice to Vic Toews: (1) Protect Marriage, work to build a coalition within Parliament to ensure that new legislation will have enough votes to pass quickly. Once the issue is voted on, I don't think Canadians will want to hear any more about it. (2) Keep up the good work by finding the right judges to appoint. (3) Just keep up the good work.

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