Monday, March 23, 2009

Undecided BUT

I still haven't given much thought to the Ontario PC leadership race. I'm still kind of enjoying the departure of John Tory. Because I haven't given much thought to the race, I remain undecided. BUT, news that Mike Harris, and Common Sense Revolution architects Tom Long and Leslie Noble are all supporting Tim Hudak has definitely got my attention. This is not because I just want to follow the crowd or that I think we need a Mike Harris II but because this is a sign that Conservatives are once again welcome in the Ontario PC party.

The Globe and Mail asserted that "there appeared to be a high degree of public fatigue with the polarizing style of the Mike Harris and Ernie Eves governments," when John Tory was elected. Maybe, but Eves and Harris should not be included in the same sentence. Despite his record as Mike Harris' Finance Minister, Ernie Eves was a red tory that led the party to a quick defeat. John Tory was a red tory that led the party to back to back humiliating defeats. I don't remember the Bill Davis era that people talk about when the Conservatives ruled the province for 40 years until the early 80s - from what I've seen Conservatives get elected when they run on a conservative platform.

I'm going to give Tim Hudak a good look partly because of these high profile blue conservative endorsements, and because the day after Tory resigned friends of mine from the Niagara region spoke very highly of Hudak. I'm looking for a true blue Conservative who recognizes the importance of the members' opinions and who won't try to sideline social conservatives. Purely based on what other people are saying, I'm starting to feel optimistic that Tim might be up to the job.


paulm said...

I want Peter Van Loan to run so we can get someone competent in the federal Public Safety portfolio.

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