Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Blood Donor Questions

I've always enjoyed giving blood. It just makes me feel good to give something of myself that's truly valuable and it usually only takes an hour. The staff and volunteers usually treat you like royalty. But the best part is the screening process. I still blush sometimes when they ask the crazy questions about sex with Africans and money or drugs for sex. Last night I saw a new question that made me laugh out loud. I wonder what the other donors thought.
Have you in your past or present job taken care of or handled monkeys or their
bodily fluid?
Hmmm . . . not yet anyway.


Anonymous said...

They could get rid of half of the questions if they just asked you, have you got lucky in the last six months?

Tom said...

I gave 200 donations, most of them in Canada, before it was suddenly decided that my blood was no use since it was English. They refuse to take blood from anybody who lived in UK.
Don't know how UK blood donations work since this requirement would seem to disqualify everybody!

Patrick O'Neil said...

Tom, I've often wondered the same thing.