Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Are the Gloves About to Come Off?

The Conservatives are preparing attack ads according to the Canadian Press. The article notes, "The Harper government had been uncharacteristically tame toward the Liberal leader until last week, when MPs began taking shots at Ignatieff in the House of Commons."

This is probably good news. Michael Ignatieff has been given a free ride and he should be held to account. Canadians deserve to know a lot more about this guy if he wants to continue to act like an alternative to our Prime Minister. However, the Conservatives need to be careful, the attack ads can't be cheap attacks like, "He has scary eyebrows." Even if it is true they'll have to nail him on something more substantial. The interesting thing to me is that Ignatieff reminds me a lot of Harper so I'm looking forward to see how the Conservatives can make some mud stick to Ignatieff and still keep their guy clean.

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