Monday, March 20, 2006

Some Sanity in Canada

It looks like there is at least some sanity in Canada. Canada's Ethics commissioner found that there was no basis for any further ethics investigation with respect to David Emmerson's decision to join the Conservatives. While this is definitely good news, the NDP still say that they'll push for a law against crossing the floor. I've written about this fairly recently so I won't rehash those arguments for a little while.

This maybe a good time to let you in on my current game plan. Since David Emmerson has quickly become one of the highest profile members of Stephen Harper's cabinet, I'm going to begin a series of mini-features on each of the new cabinet members. I'll write a short piece on each minister whenever time permits and there's not something else more interesting. I'm not promising thorough essays, just a few quick thoughts on each selected target. Now my next question is, who first?

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