Thursday, March 30, 2006

Featuring - Peter Mackay

Peter MacKay, Minister of Foreign Affairs

+ Peter MacKay was leader of the old progressive conservative party before it merged with the Canadian Alliance to form the Conservative Party. The Conservative Party would not exist in its current state without his agreement to merge the parties.

- In order to become leader Peter MacKay signed a deal with David Orchard promising not to merge with the Canadian Alliance. Combined with his later decision to proceed with the merger this move seriously undermined his future credibility.

- When delegates at the Conservative Party policy conference were debating changing the criteria for electing a leader, Peter publicly complained to the major media before the matter had even been decided. This was a serious breach of protocol.

- Peter was publicly infatuated with Belinda Stronach, proving that he has very poor taste in women.

+ Peter moved on from Belinda.

- In his first statement as minister of foreign affairs, he missed the opportunity to defend freedom of speech and instead issued a weak release that placed more emphasis on being culturally sensitive than on condemning the actions of those that incited riots and murder as a reaction to political cartoons.

+ In his statement on March 29, he declared that Canada will not fund HAMAS, the terrorist organization that has assumed control of the Palestinian Authority. This is a prinicipled stand that will put pressure on HAMAS to renounce violence and become committed to the peace process.

Overall Score -1, not bad for a Red Tory

My Advice to Minister MacKay: 1) Remember your role is to represent Canada's interests to the world. 2) Take a principled stand against terrorism and incitement to terror. 3) Align our policies as closely as possible with our known allies. 4) Renounce Canada's role as chief enemy of the family in the United Nations.

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