Saturday, March 11, 2006

Seminary Advertising

My wife picked up a copy of Christianity Today, an old fashoined print magazine. I was shocked by the amount of advertising for different seminaries. The magazine even had a 7 page section dedicated exclusively to seminaries offering various programs for Christian higher education. Most of the seminaries offered graduate programs such as a Master of Divinity.

I looked in vain for an advertisement for a Catholic Seminary. I have to ask why. I'm sure much of the magazine's readership is evangelical, but seminaries for mainline churches, Presbyterian, Episcopal etc were advertising along with all the rest. I'm not concerned about one particular publication, but I do wonder if its time to start reaching potential seminarians through the mass media. The growing availability of Christian TV, radio, and magazines will give the church a cost effective way to reach people who are already in tune with their faith.

Of course there is also the internet, so just in case you are male, single and Catholic (or would consider becoming Catholic), here are a few resources for you to consider.

St. Peter's Seminary, St Augustine's Seminary, Vocation Info, Companions of the Cross, London Diocese Vocations.

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Rebecca said...

Hi Patrick,

Good to see another Catholic Blogging Tory out there! I'm not as active right now (keeping it lean for Lent) but I wanted to mention that I live right across the Fraser River from a lovely Seminary, Christ the King in Mission, BC. It is a working Benedictine Monastery and home to quite a few young men at various stages in Seminary. We have been to mass there once, and have walked the grounds a few times. A remarkable, timeless place. There are too few of these gems left!