Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Please Bishops Don't Let H1N1 Dampen Christmas Celebrations

The dust is finally settling after the massive H1N1 overreaction.

Unfortunately not all of the effects are over. In my diocese (Hamilton) the Bishop's are still advising Catholics not to shake hands at Mass and I've heard stories from friends in Toronto that holy water has been removed from the entrance ways in churches.

I never liked this decision from the start, but now it's time for our worship to return to normal. It appears that everyone at a church service will have either received a flu shot or knowingly decided against it and accepted any associated risks.

Bishops, Please as Christmas approaches let us enjoy our worship to the fullest including by blessing ourselves, shaking hands, and receiving the sacraments in the method we're most comfortable.


Bruce said...

We can all thank the federal Liberals for much of the misinformation and confusion over this H1N1 outbreak - and not to forget their friends in the media. I too hope we can all receive the Sacrament and greetings how we are most comfortable. Merry Christmas.

Patrick O'Neil said...

Thanks Bruce. Merry Christmas to you too. My parish priest pointed out that the bishop's comments in our diocese were only a recommendation and should be treated accordingly. That's how I'll treat them tonight.