Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

It was just over 10 years ago at a university Christmas party when it struck me as odd when a friend of mine wished me happy holidays. I questioned, "Don't you mean Merry Christmas?"
"No, I mean Happy Holidays" she replied. I left the conversation perplexed and ever since I've been intensely aware of the 'war on Christmas.' Some years I've let myself get quite worked up about it. This year seems strangely different.

Now I find the ridiculous and supposedly inoffensive greetings that companies and "progressively" minded individuals simply humourous in a sad and pathetic kind of way. In a way the fact that Christmas is out of favour among progressive types makes saying Merry Christmas that much more powerful because it really means something. It's a thrill to see faces light up when you say the simple phrase. For me it's a thrill just to say it. It's a statement of Faith and that's powerful in itself that reminds us we are created beings who are loved and supported by our God who was willing to come to Earth, become human, sacrifice himself and rise again. So . .

Merry Christmas!


Lynn said...

You should assume that a person who wishes you "happy holidays" at Christmas time is quite well off financially, and can afford to take a holiday at this time of year, which usually includes a flight for two to a tropical destination.

This is an important thing for burglars and muggers to keep in mind. Happy Holidays = potential customer.

Most of us peasants take our holidays in the Summer, when we can do something interesting here in Canada. As Summer approaches, we should all be wishing each other "happy holidays" because chances are pretty good that the person you are greeting IS about to take his holidays.

Oh,almost forgot, Merry Christmas,and Happy Holidays too, if you're one of the fortunate off to Hawaii.


Anonymous said...

I say happy holidays sometimes, but that's in reference to the whole holiday (Christmas eve, Christmas, boxing day, New Years eve, New Years, et al).

Anonymous said...

But only the ignorant say happy holiday on Christmas day.It is a specific day Christmas day so why can,t they say it????They can say happy birthday on your birthday or happy new year on new years day and several others.I think what gets stuck in their lame ass throats is the word Christ.

Merry Christmas you lame asses

piese auto said...

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