Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Pope and Our Prime Minister

Despite the limited coverage of Prime Minister Harper's meeting with Pope Benedict, it was still an important event for our country. It was an opportunity for the Pope to talk about important life and social issues and Stephen Harper's recent comments about the meeting were reflective of many Canadian's deeply held respect for the pontiff:

"While I'm not theologically a Catholic, in my judgment the Catholic Church is a critical bulwark of worldwide Christianity. The Pope is an important moral and spiritual leader generally and for Christians generally, even though I'm not a Catholic."

Harper called Vatican City a small but important state. "It is an influential, well-connected state that is very influential in world affairs."

These comments show that the Vatican has a friend in Stephen Harper and that he respects the Pope's contribution to world politics. His comments on Vatican City are also important since there's always pressure from left wing lobbyists at the United Nations to strip the Vatican of it's status as a nation state. Finally, Harper's right about his analysis of the recent controversy over his receiving communion at Romeo Leblanc's funeral:
"People who want to cause embarrassment in religion and drive a wedge between
Protestants and Catholics" are driving the controversy, Harper told a Catholic news agency in an exclusive interview after his meeting Saturday with Pope Benedict. "That's whose agenda this is and that's not the Pope's agenda."
Those who are driving the controversy are not friends of the Church or the country.


Anonymous said...

The left wing media are giving far more coverage to chrieten than the visit by our PM with the Pope. It is sad that the general population of our country does not revolt!. The liberal party would be lower in numbers than the NDP if it wasn't for the daily dose of liberal media bias.. It is really sickening, I have now turned to Fox TV for my new that is happening in the world... and CBC is now better than CTV and that is saying something!

Owen said...
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