Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Harper's Delivering the Right Message at the G8

I strongly approve of Prime Minister Harper's message to the G8. Further stimulus is not what the world economy needs right now. CTV reports:

Earlier Wednesday, Harper urged leaders to complete the stimulus initiatives that are already underway, before committing new funds.

"My own thought is before there's talk of additional stimulus, I would urge all leaders to focus first on making the stimulus that's announced actually gets delivered," Harper said. "That's been our focus in Canada and I would urge the same priority

Harper also signalled he will continue to push his message that the temptation for nations to move towards protectionist tendencies should be avoided at all costs, saying such moves could actually prolong the recession.

Harper is right. Access to credit, maintaining open markets and following through on previously announced stimulus packages what really matter. The crisis is over at this point further government spending will do more harm than good.


Owen said...
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Alberta Girl said...

Now Now - don't you know that all eyes and ears should be on the pseudo scandal of wafer-gate.

Isn't it just a tad coincidental that EVERY time the PM goes overseas or to some international event - someone "sees" or "hears" or "tapes" a CPC member doing something wrong?

Fred said...

"The G8 consists of Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, the United States and Japan"

from the Times Online version !!

Does this mean that PMSH is not there.

Owen said...
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Alberta Girl said...

"It's only pseudo scandalous if you are either not a Catholic or you are an unfaithful one. Even among political conservatives anti-Catholicism remains that last acceptable prejudice."

Oh puleeeze....the last "acceptable prejudice". Give me a break Owen.

BTW - you do know that there is a witness - the speaker of the senate no less - who confirms that this "pseudo scandal" is just that. He did see him "consume" the host.

So if you truly did vote for him, you can rest easy. If you were lying and didn't vote for him, well I guess you have other issues.

BTW - while not Catholic, I am Anglican - I am familiar with communion, with the sanctity of the communion wafer and wine after they are consecrated.

Owen said...
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Owen said...
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Joanne (True Blue) said...

Good for you for not getting sidetracked by the diversionary tactics, Patrick.

I was not as successful.

Owen said...
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Joanne (True Blue) said...

Good grief.

Alberta Girl said...

"I confess, I do not care one whit about the politic of this affair"

And yet - you were the one who brought the "consecrated host" into a post that was about something else entirely.

"Right on this, wrong on pocketing a consecrated Host"

Seems to me that the "politic of this affair" was uppermost in your mind, Owen.

Owen said...
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Vox Cantoris said...

Indeed, bigotry against Catholics IS the last acceptable prejudice.

Don't believe me?

Go over to HOLY POST, the religion blog at The National Post and take a look at the comments there; substitute Jew, Black or even Muslim for Catholic and then tell me again that this is not outright bigotry.

As a Catholic and a Conservative I am offended by the stupidity of the Prime Minister's staff and at his own ignorance of Catholic belief and protocol, he really should have known better.

But, the real one here that offended is the Archbishop who gave him Holy Communion. Clearly, he would be aware that the PM is not Catholic.

Patrick O'Neil said...


I'm just a bad blogger. I didn't realize a comment thread had broken out here about the Harper taking the Host.

I thought about blogging on that topic. I commented on another blog. The simplest solution to this is a quick, brief apology from the Prime Minister's office. I'm sure there was no ill-intent, just a serious mistake.

Owen, I agree whole heartedly with everything you wrote on the subject. Even though the comment was not at all related to the post I understand why you wrote it as a regular reader you know I touch on faith issues frequently.

I feel bad that I haven't posted on the topic now - Maybe I will.

Vox, You're right the Church should have given clear instructions to the politicians and those ministering the sacrament.

treb said...

Owen your a real ass hole.PM Harper owes no one an apology (least of all,you),for he has done nothing wrong.It,s idiots like you who create all the trouble in this world with your idiot complaint's.Who in hell do you think you are telling us when the appropriate time is to eat the host and such drivel.I am a Catholic and do not find anything grave about what PM Harper did,and there is nothing to forgive for he did nothing wrong.