Monday, June 01, 2009

Damage Done to the Order of Canada

The Governor General's decision to formally accept the resignation of 3 Montreal recipients of the Order of Canada is another milestone in this sad chapter of the Order's history that began when Henry Morgentaler was appointed to the Order. One of the Montrealers resigning was Jean Claude Turcotte, Montreal's archbishop, who:

told CBC's French-language service last September that he was renouncing his honour to protest Dr. Henry Morgentaler's appointment to the order.

"I'm worried about how we treat life, from conception to death," he said. "I decided to take a stance that clearly reflects my convictions."

In fact there were 9 recipients of the Order of Canada who returned their medals specifically to protest the Governor General's action. That decision remains a stain on the honour that can only be removed when Morgentaler is stripped of the award.

Still, now is a good time to reflect on the courage of each of those 9 individuals. It's easy for someone like me to criticize Governor General's decisions because I've got nothing to lose. The worst thing that will happen is someone leaves a nasty comment on this post. These 9 people dedicated their lives to the service of their fellow citizens and received a rare acknowledgement that their work was truly extraordinary. I think it would be a very difficult decision to put your own pride on the shelf in order to stand up for the unborn. I commend them all.


Anonymous said...

The damage to The Order Of Canada began long before Morgantaler was given one. The liberal government for years passed them out like elementary school hall passes to any of their cronies who thought they would like one. In my opinion that is when it became valueless.

Rob C

Anonymous said...

I researched the OOC medal and saw how easy it is to get one.
In fact....the OOC is more about the people who want to vote for you to get one so they can brag about helping you be given the medal.

Presently I'm working om several ECO-Accessible inventions that someone said would get me the OOC Award medal, I told them that it would be an insult to me not only because of a baby killer getting one....but, that it's all about who you know in Ottawa and the Arts community to be selected for the list of persons for review.
I'd rather wait until after I'm dead to show my whole contributions in my lifetime and not just during a Liberal PM's reign.

Mac said...

Although I'm no fan of Morgantaler (extremists don't deserve honors), I believe giving the Order of Canada to Buzz Hargrove and Peter Mansbridge more offensive. What qualifies these losers for recognition?

Buzz openly advocates full socialism and nationalization of industries.

Mansbridge gets very well paid to lob softballs for Liberals.

Just more proof that the Order isn't worth the metal from which it's made.