Monday, December 01, 2008

No Good Can Come of This

I'll admit it's taken me a while to digest this news of a potential coalition government led by Liberal Leader Stephane Dion. When I first heard the news last week, I just discounted it believing there would be absolutely no way those 3 parties could work together. As it sunk in that these guys could be serious a creeping sense of panic has ensued.

I can think of nothing worse for this country than to have a laundry list of socialist hand outs, bail outs and cop outs. The resulting fiscal mess and uncertain political environment will only further discourage investment in our economy and drive risk averse businesses away. I maintain that the only thing that is unifying these 3 leaders is frustration of being constantly out-witted by Stephen Harper. Once they get beyond their cynical power grab and financially crippling spending spree, the 'coalition' will be incredibly unstable full of infighting and it will fall apart in months.

That said, I can't help but admire the opposition leaders for this power play. Regardless of the outcome they have seriously wounded Stephen Harper. He deserved to have his wrist slapped after talking all Fall about being conciliatory and cooperative, and then pushing forward with a legislation to cripple his opponents. I'm not happy that he pulled that stunt, it would have been fair game if he was transparent about his plans to govern as if he had a strong mandate, but the move seems dishonest after all the warm-fuzzy, 'let's all get along' talk.

My message to the opposition leaders is this. Congratulations! You've made your point and you've humbled Stephen Harper. You've won the day and by retaining the right to topple the government at any time you'll be able to keep the government in check. But please give the Conservatives a chance to govern, they won a solid minority and the people of Canada deserve to have their voice respected. and with all the economic uncertainty stability is in the Canada's best interest.


Anonymous said...

Stephen Harper just doesn't get it, he had a chance to make a difference, but played politics instead. He caused all this.

Stu D. said...

History will not smile favourably on the Liberals for this ... a mere 2 months after tying their previous worst performance ever at the polls.