Monday, December 29, 2008

$35 is Way Too Much for a DVD

The other day, I was walking through the video store doing some Christmas shopping and I bought a DVD, Journey to the Centre of the Earth for $17. Unremarkable except that it was 50% off. There were all kinds of DVDs at the store for $35, I just rolled my eyes and dismissed it because I was in the mall. Just this past weekend I was strolling through my local video store and I saw new release movies on sale there for $32.99. It appears these prices are the real thing, someone in Hollywood actually thinks that's the price they can charge for a new DVD. Guess again, you guys are pricing yourselves out of the market. I've bought more new DVD's than I need and I'll often buy a DVD even after I've already seen the movie. I don't need to buy them and at $35 I promise you I won't. Give your head a shake, no wonder so many people download movies instead.


Mark McKerlie said...

On January 13, I'll be paying $38.99 (plus tax) for the complete tenth season of DALLAS. That, mind you, will be for twenty or more episodes at an hour apiece. Beyond that, I couldn't see myself laying out $35+ for a single movie DVD.

Mike said...

1 season of Dallas (1978-1991) costs almost 40$ ?

this is the main reason people download their tv shows and movies from the internet.

14 seasons = 560$ %$@# ??

Mark you should become a pirate.

Sudarsan said...

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