Sunday, June 22, 2008

Record High Abortions in Britain.

According to Lifesite news, a record number of English unborn children were aborted in 2007. Lifesite reports:

Abortions are at record numbers again in Britain, with a 4 percent rise and ever younger girls having "terminations" instead of giving birth. Statistics released today show that 205,598 British children were killed before birth in 2007, up from 201,173 in England and Wales during 2006.

The number of abortions among young girls also jumped significantly, with 13-to-15 year olds aborting at 4.4 per thousand, and under-18s aborting at a rate of 19.8 per thousand.

These statistics mean that nearly one-quarter of pregnancies in England and Wales end in abortion.

This is bad news for Britain and quite honestly I was shocked, especially when the most recent Canadian numbers showed a much more enouraging trend. England has just over 60 million people, less than twice Canada's population of 33 million, but the total number of abortions in England was more than 2.1 times the 96,815 unborn children that were killed in Canada.

Perhaps young women in Britain should look to Canadians as an example. Only 13.8 per thousand Canadian young women under the age of 20 had an abortion in 2005.

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Mark McKerlie said...

Patrick: You've probably read this already, but I'll provide a link anyway:

A more naive version of me would not have believed a Conservative politician capable of supporting such a measure, never mind proposing it. The world in which we live is truly being enveloped in a culture of death.

Come quickly, Lord Jesus!