Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Avoid Depression: Stay Married!

Statistics Canada has once again affirmed the importance of lasting marriages to our society. In its Study on Marital Breakdown and Subsquent Depression Stats Canada found:
  • Men aged 20 to 64 who had divorced or separated were 6 times more likely to report an episode of depression than were men who remained married.
  • Loss of custody or a change in parental responsibilities is one of the most stressful aspects of post-divorce life for men.
  • Women who had undergone a marital break-up were 3.5 times more likely to have had a bout of depression than were their counterparts who were still in a relationship.
  • 43% of women who went through a break-up had a substantial drop in their household income.
  • Even when taking other related factors into account, the end of a relationship was independently associated with the risk of depression among both sexes.
  • The study found that most people who experienced depression in the post-relationship period were no longer depressed four years after the break-up. But for a sizeable minority, depression remained a problem.
The study focussed on married couples, but it would make sense that the same negative factors would be in play with long term unmarried relationships. The only difference is that those unmarried relationships are considerably less stable so the risk of depression is that much greater.

The bottom line is long term stable marriages are good for everyone. If you're married stay that way. If you're a law maker stop messing with marriage it's way too important to our society.

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R. Alexander said...

Patrick, I absolutely agree. I have had problems with my wife over 14 years of marriage. We've even been apart twice. But in the end we've come to find a very happy and strong relationship, and prosperity has grown out of that strength.